website design ninjaWhat is web design?  It is dating.  But let’s get to that in a moment.

A webpage is the back bone to your online presence. It is the first place many customers find out about a business and today’s consumers are fussy.  They research before making a decision, so you better know what they are looking for.

Back to dating . . .

When you want to date someone you usually find out a bit about the person you want to date.

Then, you approach that person in a non-threatening way to show her/him that you are worthy of notice.

Then, you ask her/him out on a date where you get all ‘gussied’ up. (Yep, can you tell I am from Texas!)

Then, on that date you present your best qualities and talk in a way that makes your date light up so that she/he will want to continue a relationship with you.

Ok, so you got the picture of dating.  If you need dating advice, this is not the page to be on.  If you want to know about web pages, here we go . . .

Your webpage is the first thing potential customers (read ‘date’) see about you.

They browse to see how you look.  (Is your web design appealing?)

They look to see how you talk. (Do your words communicate value?)

They look to see your culture. (How to you respond to others?)

They look to see about your previous relationships. (Do you have customer reviews on your page?)

They search to see what others are saying about you.  (Do you have social media working for you?)

A web page can literally make or break a business.  It is not the end all beat all, but in today’s marketplace, it is much better to have a good working page than not. (There are a bunch of statistics, but I won’t bore you with those.)

If you don’t have a webpage, we can help.  If you have one, we can give you a check up to see how other dates are seeing you.  Wouldn’t you want to know if your hair was sticking up or if you have spinach in your teeth?  We will help you find those things.   Go ahead and contact us today before your date finds someone else!

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