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Website for the BEST PRICE!

Digital Success Web can take care of all web page and app-building requirements.  We offer one of the fastest and most affordable service on the web. If you need a website that works for you, we can help.  If you need an update, redesign, revamp or complete overhaul, we can help you come up with an affordable solution for your business website.  Plus, if you decide you need an app to help you take your business to the next level, then let us help build you something that will look highly professional without breaking the bank.

Why do you need a better website?

Many people may not realize the difference between a basic website that does not engage customers and a website that brings customer knocking on your door.  We don’t develop the basic ‘brochure’ type websites, we develop a marketing websites that gets your customers to engage and works for you as a 24 hour a day sales person.

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Do You Need a Local Business App?

A local business app can help your organization in a number of ways and is something that every small business should invest in.

  • Help your business to appear more cutting edge and get ahead of the competition

  • Get you exposure from the iTunes app store/Google Play Store in order to attract new customers and increase your brand visibility

  • Improve the quality of service you provide to your customers by giving them new ways to contact you and more information

  • Give you a new and more convenient way to take orders thus increasing your turnover and profits while reducing overheads

  • Create lots of new marketing and promotional opportunities with push notifications and more

In short, if you don’t already have an app for your business then you won’t be reaching as many customers and you’ll look behind the times.

Local Business Apps

The basic option for most companies is to create a simple informational app for their local business that will provide details to new customers and help bring more visitors to their site. This will mainly consist of static pages that convey information regarding the nature of your services and products and will thus help to bring new customers as well as providing your existing customers with more information.

App Promotion

At Digital Success Web, we build beautiful and feature rich apps. But that’s not all we do! As well as creating apps, we also offer app promotion and marketing services to help you ensure that your application finds its way onto as many phones as possible. In doing so, we also drive more customers to your business and we help to gain more exposure for your brand.

Get in touch today and we’ll happily discuss your app in more detail

What Do Our App Services Entail

We largely create simple informational apps for your business but can provide many more features than your standard service. These simple, static apps are cost effective and give you a way to gain a presence in the app store and to provide your clients and customers with more information without also requiring you to sink a huge amount of time and cash into the development. You can this way get your app into the store in no time at all while giving your customers all the information they need about your company.

When it comes to additional features though, Digital Success Web has got the competition beat. We really take your app up a level and create tons of new business opportunities by providing some really powerful extra options. These include:

  • Amazon store support

    So that you can sell products right through your app

  • Appointment forms

    So that your local business can take appointments straight through the application

  • Just Eat/Open Table Support

    Allowing your restaurant or takeaway business to take orders through its own branded app

  • Table booking

    Ideal for a restaurant customers can book through your app

  • Digital loyalty cards

    To reward your most loyal customers and to encourage more sales

  • Social media feeds

    To keep your app constantly updated with new content from your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts

  • Push notifications

    So that you can send notifications straight to your audience’s devices

  • Click to call/email

    So your customers can easily get in touch with any questions or queries

  • Tons more!

    We can add static pages, coupons, your blog and a whole heap more

Let us take care of your app development and get your app into the pockets of all your potential customers!

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