Red video marketing ninjaWhat is video marketing?  Video marketing is story telling.

Customers buy from people that know, like and trust.  A video is the quickest way for customers to get to know you, learn to like you and build trust.  Let’s talk about those thing . . .

Videos help customers know you

When you share a story about your business or share why you are so passionate about what you do, customers get to know you.  They see your face, hear your voice and become familiar with you.

Imagine how much easier it is for customers to come to your store when they feel like they already have a friend there.  It is funny to have someone walk in your store already knowing you, but it is much better than them staying away because they don’t know what to expect.

Videos help customers like you

When you share on video, customers get a feel for the culture of your business.  When they hear something that they can relate to, they begin to create an affinity, or liking, to your business.

They actually begin to like your business and feel like ‘one of you’ when they visit your location. The key here is to get out into the community and stand for something.

Videos help customers trust you

This is a huge one. W hen customers see you sharing about your business, they see how much you know.  When you ‘wow’ them, you become an authority to them…yes, you are actually seen as an expert to them.

Videos help you share your knowledge and become a trusted friend.

There are lots of ways to build knowing, liking and trusting into a video campaign.  If you would like to really create a powerful tool to connect to customers, we need to talk.

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