Red online ranking ninjaWhat is ranking?  IF you have ever been to high school, you know what ranking is.

I guess you can say it is like a popularity contest.  You either look really cool, act in a way that gets attention, or pay to get noticed.

For a business, ranking means that you ‘rank’ high in a search engine like MySearchNetwork,  Google or Bing.  Your goal is to get to the top of the page so people see you when they search.

The key is to find out how someone would find your business.  In other words, what terms would someone use to search about your company?  Those are called keywords.

Keywords are like hanging with the right crowd.  If you want to hang with the computer group, you talk in words they can understand.  If you want to attract the head cheerleader, you have to dress and talk in a way that gets her attention.

How do you get better ranking?

  • Use the right keywords.  Make sure you know what people are  looking for to find you.
  • Have a webpage for someone to get that information.  (You have to dress the part!)
  • Use social indicators.  (Whoa!  None of that!  Just kidding, make sure you are using social media and people are sharing and commenting on your posts.)
  • Pay for it.  (Let’s be honest, money works.  You can create an ad and if you have enough money, it can be on the top of all the others.

There is a lot more we can talk about, but I want to keep this info short.  We will have much more on this topic, so keep your eyes open!

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