Red Marketing NinjaWhat is marketing?

  • Marketing is letting others know about your business.
  • Marketing is communicating value to your customer.
  • Marketing is telling others about your products.
  • Marketing is telling others about your services.
  • Marketing is about customers, products, services, advertising, and all kinds of alphabet words like ROI, LVC, etc..

Basically, Marketing is COMMUNICATION.  Pure and simple.

Everything is marketing?

  • Your logo is marketing.
  • Your signs  are marketing.
  • The way you answer your phone is marketing.
  • The way you set up your store is marketing.
  • The way your website looks is marketing.
  • The way you handle complaints, value your customers, treat your employees…it is all marketing.

If you truly want to do marketing, it is about becoming the business that you say you are.  When your words don’t match up to what you do, you need reputation marketing.  When your words match up with what you do, customers find you and become raving fans.

Your goal as a business is to make money.  You can not make money if others don’t know about your product.

Besides, if you have a product that you absolutely believe in, you have a moral obligation to let those people that it will benefit know about what you offer.

Get out there and market with everything you got and your business will grow.  If you need help, let us help you develop a wholistic marketing strategy, unless you already have one and are doing wonderful in your business…in that case why are you reading this article?  We need to talk!

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