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BEAM Your Message

Use “Nearby Notifications” to Automatically Send Messages Directly to Cell Phones


Imagine the Possibilities:

  • Send Coupons to people walking by.

  • Send a direct link for appointments.

  • Share Your Digital Business Card.

  • Get people to notice your website instantly.

  • Introduce your social media pages.

  • Create a Location Based Scavenger Hunt!

How does Beacon Technology work?

1. Choose Your Beacon: Choose a beacon style: dot, mounted, or USB.  You can also select your preferred usage style including key ring, watch, or outside rechargeable.  We provide you with a beacon for yourself or your employees. . can you say “walking billboards.”


2. Set Up a Digital Success Strategy: We set up a strategy to get the most response for your message.  We look at your goals and match up your current technology landscape.  Then, we build customized systems geared towards your main goal. . . ROI!


3. Broadcast Your Message: Place and turn on the beacon to begin broadcasting your message. Your message will automatically reach Android* phones within a set parameter with your custom message.


4. Follow-up:  Based on your goals and tracking, reach out to anyone who clicks on your message. 


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

*Note: 60% of cell phone users in North America are Android users.

3 Ways to Get Started 


1. Do It Yourself: We get you the beacon of your choice and train you how to use this marketing for yourself. (starting at $150)


2. Done For You: We set up a strategy and make sure the device is working.  You own the device and only call us when you want to change the message. (Starting at $125)


3. Fully Managed: We set up the strategy, maintain the system, update regularly and give you monthly reports. (price dependent on scope of the strategy, but could be as little as $100 a month!)

To find out how we can help, call us at 469-609-1933!

And much more, to make sure that your customers are really ‘wowed’ by what they see and to give you new, powerful ways to reach and interact with your audience. What’s more, we’ve been working in the industry long enough to understand the standards and expectations that apply to local business. This way you can ensure your finished product looks the part and makes the best possible first impression. This is all while using your existing logos, backgrounds and other materials in order to maintain your brand consistency.

Imagine being able to send a messages right to your users’ phones telling them about a new special offer that you’re currently running. Imagine letting them sign up to your service, book a table or buy a product straight through their phone. Imagine being able to attract new customers with a professional incentives, coupons and even contests. . .

All that is possible with our marketing services.  You won’t find a more comprehensive or powerful service for less. We are dedicated to making sure you are satisfied and really want to help you get the best possible customers into your store and keep them coming back.

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